16.02.18 – NEO NOIRE + Muerte Espiral + Fluffy Machine @Sunset Bar (Martigny)

Wouhou ! The 16th of February, we’re gonna play with NEO NOIRE and Muerte Espiral at the mighty Sunset Bar, right here in Martigny. It’s always great fun to play at home (R.I.P our livers though). Free entry, 2 amazing bands (and a really shitty one), what better way to spend a Friday evening ? The Sunset Bar has a fabulous reputation. Various beers from indie breweries, a cozy stage in a vaulted-cellar-type-room, great sound, nearly two gigs every week… it’s the kind of place that keeps music alive and breathing, so if you’re in the area, please drop by and support your scene ! Also, don’t hesitate to chuck various forms of fruit directly on our disheveled faces while we’re playing, we surely deserve it since we’re good-for-nothing arses. 

See you there !