Back from our tour, we’re alive

We came back from 10 intense days across eastern Europe with our deer friends from Hello My Name Is. Yes, “deer” friends, not “dear friends”. Because these dudes are like Bambi’s mom. We haven’t seen them nearly enough, and we cried when they left. What a great adventure spent chugging obscure drinks in dark corners whilst simultaneously trying to suppress the thoughts of our impending deaths. We will never be able to thank enough all the people who helped make this tour possible. From the bottom of our immature hearts, thank you <3 The adventures don't stop however, be sure to catch our next gigs in Savi├Ęse the 18th of May and in Sembrancher the 19th of May ! We look forward to arriving at these concerts in our blue Subarus and getting cows tattooed on our inner thighs. #blessed