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Fluffy Machine is a Swiss punk quartet of degenerate apes who fail to play any song at a reasonable speed. Heavily influenced by melodic punk bands like NOFX, Bad Religion & Frenzal Rhomb, these four musicians strive to make the most out of every concert with their deeply childish lyrics & improper humor.

Created in 2013 in a dark, humid & smelly bomb shelter, the band released their first videoclip “I Don’t Want Your Beer” in 2014. The success of the clip (to the general surprise of the entire population) enabled them to play with a lot of awesome bands such as Pennywise (USA), SVETLANAS (RUS), Bad Cop Bad Cop (USA), The Bombpops (USA), Los Fastidios (IT), The Audacity (USA), Topsy Turvys (FR), The Detectors (DE), FAUNSHEAD (DE), NH3 (IT) & Struggling for Reason (BE).

With the 2015 release of their first 7 track EP “It’s Funny Cause He’s Fat”, Fluffy Machine got signed to DMB Records, an independent Swiss Punk Label. Thanks to this new relationship, they played (to the great dismay to all their listeners) in various reputated punk scenes all over Switzerland such as the AKuT in Thun, the Sedel in Luzern & the Dachstock in Bern.

They released their second EP “Please, Slow Down!” in October 2017. The new 7 track CD was well received by the public, encouraging the band to record their 5th DIY music video “Eat, Sleep, Wash your Feet, Repeat”.

In 2018, they successfully toured through 9 different countries which included stops in London, Budapest, Prague, Innsbruck, Manchester and some random river in the middle of Czech Republic.

In April 2019 they released their first full length, 13 track album “Mutual Admiration Society”. Entirely self-financed and recorded with the help of their canadian/french friend Ben Pommier from Apple Tree Productions and with artwork from Marie Epiney. After celebrating the release at an epic show in Martigny’s famous Caves du Manoir, they went on for a week tour in Zürich, Strasbourg, Paris, Den Haag, Berlin and Brig.

TL;DR : fast music, awkward crowd interactions, lots of laughs and good vibes.