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Alive But Not Dead

4th release and second full length album! Recorded by Ludovic Volper, mixed and mastered by Ian Sadler (Gender Roles, OHMS), artowork by Loredana Zoppi. 

Mutual Admiration Society

3rd release and first full length album! Recorded by Ben Pommier, artwork by Marie Epiney. 

Please, Slow Down!

New EP released in October 2017. Entirely self recorded as well. Physical copies are for sale, please send us a message at or on any social media platform if you’re interested. Purchases are also available through bandcamp. 


  1. Self-Serving Lie
  2. Eat, Sleep, Wash Your Feet, Repeat
  3. USA
  4. Sky Is Falling
  5. Inside Those Walls
  6. U.S.S Censor
  7. Merdley


Enjoy you beautiful animals. 

It's Funny 'Cause He's Fat

“It’s funny cause he’s fat” is our first EP. Recorded in 2015 in Jolan’s homestudio in Chalais Switzerland, it was the first time we attempted to do anything constructive with our music & we’re pretty happy with the results !

The physical copies of this EP are almost sold-out. If you want one send, us an email or a message on Facebook and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


  1. Welcome to the Show
  2. My Devotion
  3. Buried at Twenty
  4. Because I Snore
  5. Success
  6. Everything’s Fine
  7. I Don’t Want Your Beer