Note-to-self : Post stuff on the official website so people won’t think you’re a bunch of lazy bastards

Yo yo yo

Lots of things happened since we last posted here.
“But guys, how come you don’t keep your website updated ? Don’t you take your craft seriously, you bumblefucks ?” you may ask. Well fear not our anthropomorphous friends. We’re so busy being Generation Y and posting our shenanigans on Instagram and Facebook, we almost forgot we had this website. Many apologies, lots of hugs.

Quick feedback of what happened since the 7th of July :

– We played on a boat during a storm. Nearly died. 10/10 would do it again.
– We performed in Jura to a room of 4 very drunk and surprisingly reasonable folk.
– We danced in France to a crowd of curious onlookers wondering how four disheveled teenage-looking-pseudo-adults found themselves in the unofficial world capital of Champagne.
– We took a train under the sea, you could almost hear Jules Verne pleasuring himself over this technological prodigy.
– We “engaged in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose” (official definition for “play” according to Google) in a very fancy London neighborhood with The Bombpops, The Werecats and TM69. People attempted to sell us drugs 5-6 times, and we’re still wondering if we look like regular users. Fantastic gig, great hang, delicious ale. At this point, our British accent was getting quite thick.
– We realized that the way we construct our sentences does not facilitate the reading of our long (and fastidious) posts, especially if we keep using parentheses in a (completely, devilishly, preposterously) pointless fashion and also we’re sorry but breathing is a painful act so if you can limit it by reading longer and longer sentences (don’t breathe) it’s better for your meditating brain or something I don’t know I’m just typing pointlessly on the keyboard now because I’m in my office, it’s Monday, I’m supposed to work, but please God save me and let me live a little while longer in the past remembering the great summer we had fucking buttercups
– We played in Northwich with our new brazilian friends from Dedo Podre who all look like they could wrestle with a mountain lion
– We had a day off in Manchester where we got non-matching tattoos and porn-martinis
– We played in Gateshead which involved a lot of shouting and “innits”
– We played in Southampton (#titanic) and met the Fastfade Trio. They play fast and their drummer was really high. Quite enjoyable.
– We got a little drunk at the Wonkfest where we did not play but sure wish we did.
– Mostly, we drove millions of hours in a van that was only reasonably comfortable for the first 100 miles. We would do it again, of course.
– We spent the week at Punk Rock Holiday. Fucking hate tents.
– We had a fantastic gig with Bad Cop / Bad Cop in St-Gall ! Great times, nice show, new friends. In all honesty, we love our lives. It’s so great to get to do these wonderful gigs. SO MUCH LOVE
– Oh, and finally, we played last Saturday at home. It was great to see so many friendly faces again and to have the stage invaded during “I Don’t Want Your Beer”. Everything is great, everything is wonderful. We can’t wait for what comes next !

Well there you have it, 2 months of condensed information. I hope the 5 people who go on this website will appreciate it.
Our next concerts are in quite a while, we hope to see you the 5th of October in Bellwald and the 6th October in Bern !

Love <3